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    • Ja, den här liraren stöter jag på titt som tätt i centrum. Tror inte han tar sig så mycket längre än så, dock. Blev extra nöjd över den tjusiga kondensstrimman som piffar upp luftrummet.

  1. After your reply on dpreview I’ve decided to visit your blog.
    I’ve seen more than a few of your pictures and this is clearly for me the best. This is clear example about luck. The guy’s expression is very interesting but what this picture strikes in me most is the line on the sky that goes directly to his head. This is great job and very impressive website.

    • He-he…
      He probably thought I was a real dork, fiddeling with the Pentax (I was holding it at chest level and looking down on it while waiting for the man to walk in to focus zone). Little did he know … :)

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