Portfolio images revisited: Red sneakers

Red sneakers

Sthlm, 2007: Red sneakers

One day, taking my ordinary route down town, I stumbled over this nice printed steps on the sidewalk. Never seen them before, but I knew I had to make something out of them. It was really only a matter of persistance – at some time I figured someone would walk into the trail in a way that would make an image. It took me half an hour, but finally one guy passed by the footprints, stopped, and turned away in another direction. Snapped it.

At the moment I previsualized this as a black and white, but while editing I realized that the sneakers had a much greater impact in color. So be it.

3 thoughts

    • Thanks, Kim! :)

      I see you had a teriffic time in Beirut. It looks like an interesting place to photograph. But those cars… I would hesitate before going for a drive in those. ;)

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