Portfolio images revisited: Demonstrator

US flag

US flag

Ok, time to do check out one from my portfolio, this one from 2008: One day i passed by a big demonstration down town, arranged by exile Iraqis. The theme of the day was “US out of Iraq”.

I went into the crowd to take a closer look – but couldn´t find any interesting shots at first. After a while i did notice a large US flag, so I went behind it and made a couple of shots of the woman through the fabric. I think this one came out quite nicely, even if the structure of the flag and the city in the background doesn´t comes through very well in this small size.

Note to one self: If you see nothing to shoot – take another look.

5 thoughts

  1. Den här är ju riktigt bra, ett foto jag önskar jag tagit själv hälsar Malin som inte alls kommer ut i snön. Sonen är tillbaks i skolan men nu har karusellen börjat om med lill-tjejen…

    • Attans – små sjuklingar är inte att leka med. (Fast det slutar ofta med det ändå). Vi får hoppas på busväder i helgen så man kan få sig några snöskott då i stället.

      Apropå bilden: nästa gång är det din tur. Du kan själv :)

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  3. Truly a remarkable image. I’ve been seeing your photos for a while and you produce consistently excellent images. There are a lot of very good photos to be seen online, but yours alway are just that little step above the rest that makes them stand out. It will be interesting to see what you produce in years to come (I predict a book sometime soon :)

    • Thank you so very much! I do try to stay outside of the box while shooting, and it makes me happy if the images in any way convey that.

      And regarding a possible book – time will tell :)

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