Reality & fiction II

Sthlm, 2011: Reality & fiction II

I often feel that the public space is to cramped with sounds. Traffic, loud phone conversations, music etc is everywhere – I´d say it´s an overload. (I can barely hear my own music with in ear phones at normal high level in the metro anymore).

And in some urban places it is the same with the visual – you´re pretty much bombarded with impressions, information and just a lot of light. A photographers dream maybe, but sometimes I would like to have a place where I could mute my senses for a while.

4 thoughts

  1. Can anyone even hear his own thoughts in this city anymore? Anyway I am a little weak for such layered images since I captured one on Sergels Torg last summer. In this one I like the way the eye of the ad behind you (?) reflects in the subway train window. Good work, and maybe we’ll meet again someday?

    • Thanks for you comment, Johan!
      I´m a sucker fore reflections too, but I guess they are one of the more common themes in street photography, so you have to be really cunning to pull something interesting off :)

      Watch out for this thread @Fotosidan. We do photowalks every now and then and anyone is welcome to join. And if my memory doesn´t fail me, you are a Pentax shooter, right? If so – watch out for the Pentax Geek Meet as well. :D


  2. Vet inte vad jag gillar bäst – fotot eller dina ord. En oslagbar kombination blir det hur som helst! /Malin

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