Top 11 Street photographs from 2014

This is some of my favourite street photos from 2014. I think a couple of things changed compared to earlier year: I got more active with the flash I started to carry my Ricoh GR with me more often resulting in a broader variety of subjects and places than ever I have worked on my ability to combine light, composition and decisive moments…

Turbo Jugends in the house

I was on my way home last night when I passed a pub that apparently had some kind of punk festival. The batteries in my flash died on me so I had to use the Iphone flashlight as my only light source. Anyway – lovely crowd, those punk rockers!

One evening

Had the camera with me last saturday and snapped a couple of shots on the way. Yes, they are a bit blurry and yes, that was not the cameras fault. Anyway, it´s good to remember shooting something else that strangers every now and then. You know – your life :)

King of the dance floor

I had a terrific christmas party at work the other day. Won´t show you any photos besides this one, but I have to say it was a great idea bringing the camera. At my work, we know how to party. :) Na, to hell with it. Here’s one more: (No one got hurt during this…

Man in a cave

I had to stay late at work, so I didn´t really got the chance to shoot some street before the sun went missing. No people and no decisive moment in sight. But you can always count on some funky dudes in the metro. I know – it´s not very Bresson to shoot in the metro,…