Top 11 Street photographs from 2014

This is some of my favourite street photos from 2014. I think a couple of things changed compared to earlier year:

  1. I got more active with the flash
  2. I started to carry my Ricoh GR with me more often resulting in a broader variety of subjects and places than ever
  3. I have worked on my ability to combine light, composition and decisive moments in my work. Not easy, but that´s were I´m heading right now.
  4. I have never shot this few photos in one year. I think it might be a good sign, since I still managed to select some snaps to this collection. If your Top 10 goes to 11 it has to be good, right? ;)

Anyway – a big thanks to everyone following my work here at Sthlmstreet. I promise to be back with new stuff in 2015!

//Jimmy ;D

Selfie in surgery

March 2014: Selfie during Achilles tendon surgery

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