New theme – same old stuff

Old vs. New theme

If you have visited before, you may have noticed that the site looks different today. Don´t panic, tough, it´s only me trying out a new design theme. I thought it was time to get rid of the old grunge theme and go for something lighter.

As always, when working with WordPress, it takes a while getting used to how the theme should be configured, so the functionality and layout might change back and forth for a while. Don´t panic.

If any of you visitors are The Man when it comes to wordpress, do you know why I can’t get the Facebook Atom flow at the bottom to work? It would be neat to have the discussions on Facebook/sthlmstreet to show up as a part of this site.

Anyway. Let me know what you think about the new theme. Any comments are appreciated and awarded with a huge amount of good Karma.


5 thoughts

  1. Hmmm, it looks more professional, but I’m not sure if it is better. Professional is good, but the previous theme had a charm that this one does not. I like the fact that it is less cluttered though. Give me some time, I’ll get use to it :)

    • I agree that the old theme had its moments. I kind of liked the rough street feeling of it, but these kind of distinct themes aren´t so fun when tom many other street photography sites start using the same theme.

      I´ll give you some time to handle this theme, and you give me some time back to put some charm into it. Deal? ;)

  2. Good news – I´ve cracked the Facebook RSS issue. You can now follow whats cookin´at the Facebook.

    • Yes, I figured a header image would add something. Not shure which image to choose yet, but wordpress lack a preproduction state, so I’ll have to try it live I’m afraid. Keep watching!

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