Are handprints street?



Yeah, I know – this is not your everyday street photo. But sometimes I think I focus too much on having people – the magical Human Presence – in every shot. Still, when walking around in the urban areas, I see a lot of stuff that adds to the story of life on the streets. The image above was shot at a construction site near my home when I was out playing with my son.I have no idea why, but someone made that handprint on the inside of a window. It seems to deliberate to be an accident. Maybe some kind of worker ritual before they start demolish the place?

Anyway. An image like this may not serve as street photography by itself, but if presented in a context together with other more straight forward images I think it would add to the mix quite well.

If you were to put together an exhibition or a book with a street theme, would it be better with or without the handprints?

4 thoughts

  1. There aren’t many people who could look at that scene and make such an interesting photo. I like it, and there is still a strong human presence and quite a lot of feeling to the shot. Nice one.

  2. With it definitely. A nice and refreshing perspective, still with the feeling of street in my opinion. As Nikhil said, the human presence is still strong even though there’s no actual person in the image.
    Really like this!

  3. Riktigt snyggt Jimmy, den mänskliga närvaron är hög trots avsaknaden av den fysiska personen. /Malin

  4. Thank god you see this as I do. I´m thinking of broaden my flora of street motifs and start making more of this (and publish them as street as well). The pocket sized Fa 43mm I just got should be up to the task.

    Thanks for watching!

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