Road runner

Sthlm, 2011: Road runner

I met up with some photographer friends yesterday to go visiting Fotografiska, our fantastic photographic museum, that was celebrating its one year anniversary. they celebrated this occasion by opening a new exhibition with portraits of famous photographers. (Great images of Anton Corbijn, Nan Goldin, Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark, Anders Petersen, Christer Strömholm, Patti Smith, Albert Watson).

Late evening, on our way back to Slussen, P.H. decided we should have a challenge: Shoot the best street image you can in just twenty minutes! Considering how much time I usually spend on the street to get just one keeper, I wasn´t hoping to produce exhibition material, but it was a fun challenge. Anyway. My strategy was to stake out a spot for a single image and found a place where the light and back drop was good.

Fifteen minute passes, the sun is going down and still nothing interesting going on. Crap – I had to follow the light and rushed to another spot. Within a minute, I had some kids playing in front of me, chasing each other. I think you can tell that boy was having a good time at the moment :)

3 thoughts

  1. These types of challenges can bring back the excitement and spontaneity of your photography. Not something you want to do very often, but every once in a while. Cool shot, I like the low angle.

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