High kick

Sthlm, 2010: High kick

I got a mail today from Photo jojo´s Photo Time Capsule. (If you´re not familiar with that service, it´s a script that keeps track of your images on Flickr and reminds you of what you were up to a year ago. Pretty neat.). So, in may last year I saw this trio destroying an information sign in the metro. I tried to make them stop by talking to them, but they turned against me instead. Luckily, the metro arrived just in time and I got on it, leaving them still kicking.

One of them gave me The Evil Eye through the carriage window, and I smiled back while pointing on my camera, wishing him a very bad night.

4 thoughts

    • Yeah, I usually don´t take risks like this, but every now and then I grow balls enough to be able to do this kind of shots. Thanks for watching, Simon!

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