Sthlmstreet featured on the Street Photography Blog

This week I turned 42 years old and today I’m feature #42 at the Street Photography Blog. The higher powers seems to be working together right now…

Anyway, I’m happy that Ryan Peacock over at the SPB wants me to be a part of his collection of excellent street photographers. Be sure to check my feature out, and do check the other photogs out while you’re there!

Here’s a related question for you all: when getting this kind of chances to show your images to other people, how do you select which images to show? I have material from five years to choose from, and I know some of my best shots are quite old now. On the other hand, I’m still evolving as a street photographer and would like to show what I’m doing right now.

So, the question is: should you allways use you’re best shots when featured, even if that means that you basically push the same set of images over and over again?



2 thoughts

  1. Well deserved Jimmy. I think you should show a mix of your stuff if possible, a few of the old but also some of the new. For something like this it is important to show that you are not sitting still and that (for all of us) it is an evolution.

    • Yeah, I was thinking in that direction myself. But still, many of the famous streettogs, like Gilden or Meyerowitz, seems to show pretty muchnthe same images over and over again. But again, that may be editors choosing and not the photographers them selves. But hey – I did select old and new this time. But no one in color, which i kind of regret. On the other hand, if the readers of the SPB follows the link to 500px I’ll show them color street ;)

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