A four step program

Some of you have complained that I have been less productive than usual this summer. Well, you got it right. I have been low on inspiration for a while with the exception of my shooting spree to London in July. So, instead of just waiting for the inspiration to come back, I have some ideas that should keep me occupied until the shutterbug hits me again.

Barcelona, 2009: A safe spot (Tweaked warm tones, Topaz BW)


1. Salvage some old images [Check!]

If you´re anything like me, you will have tons of images that didn´t made the final selection at the time you last checked them. That doesn´t necessary mean that the images are bad, only that you didn´t like them then. The two images in this post are shot in 2009 but never developed before. I´m not sure why they didn’t make it, but probably I thought I had better ones to work with. Anyhow – I think they are quite okay.

2. Learn some new editing madskillz [in progress]

Most of my late street production has been in shot color. It´s not that I don´t like black and white, but I got really tired of shooting stuff that looked like they could have been made 50 years ago. So, I switched to color, happily shooting away while trying to handle those tricky colors.  But right now, when I wade through my old stuff, I do feel the urge to go black and white again. This time I really want to learn how to handle b/w, so I got the Topaz BW Effects last night, which turned out to be a huge Like. It´s going to be very interesting to learn how to push it way beyond the presets.

Barcelona, 2009: Passage (Tweaked High dynamic & contrast, Topaz BW)


3. Buy some new gear [Check!]

I usually don´t buy new stuff when I lose inspiration, but since my problem is that I don´t have much time to go out to the streets between work and taking care of my son, I figured a nice pocket-sized camera would be nice to have on me all the time. And behold – last week Ricoh announced the arrival of GRD IV, which caused the price of the GRD III to drop like a rock. I bought one. If it works well in the metro I think I might have a winter project going on … :)

4. Go for a photo trip [Check!]

If I have to choose between buying new gear and travel to some nice city to shoot I always take the trip. I do think that you learn a lot more by practicing in an inspirational environment than by adding new hardware. So… Today, me and my street shooting pal Martin booked a trip to Barcelona where we will join some other photogs for a week of street, food and wine.

So: 1-2-3-4 to get me up and snapping again. If that doesn´t work I might as well throw the camera out the window.

Wish me luck. :)

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