Back on track


Barcelona, 2011: Pause

Finally home after a week in Barcelona. The weather was – to say the least – “dynamic”, with sun, clouds and a lot of rain. Either way, it´s a great city to do street photography in, with lots of fantastic places to explore. I just wish those pick pockets wash´t so keen on exploring my pockets…

Of a group of ten people at least three of us got hit by the crime entrepreneurs:

  • Day two: My Iphone was snatched by pick pockets
  • Day three: A friend lost some money while riding a bus
  • Day four: A bother friend got her camera taken away from her by a gang of four. No violence though, so in a sense she got lucky. And yes, it was expensive stuff.

Anyway. Except from the phone snatching drama I had a great time, really enjoying the food and atmosphere of the city. Some shots from day one:

Morning light after a rain fall

Barcelona, 2011: Morning light

Shop art

Barcelona, 2011: Shop art

The question

Barcelona, 2011: The question

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks, guys! I´m backing up a new iPhone as we speak, so I will be back on track phone wise as well soon. ;)

    Thanks for watching!

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