Night life in Barna

Barcelona, 2011: Late night and the gals are out

I´m getting more and more confident with using the Ricoh GRD3. While it´s no match to the K-5 it still produces some pretty good flash shots at night. And it´s so small I can actually hold it in my palm, shooting from high above my head to get some nice perspective.

These four are shot on full manual with settings somewhere around f8 and 1/8th of a second. Preset focus on 1.5 meters and blast them away. But be aware that the noise increases rapidly once the subject is out of reach of that tiny flash, as you can se when comparing the images in order.

Barcelona, 2011: Night life in Barna – low perspective

Barcelona, 2011: Shooter on the run

Barcelona, 2011: She´s got an iPhone and I don´t. And she knows it /;(

So, if you are a street shooter looking for an easy technique for shooting with flash at night, try out these settings. It´s pretty much the same settings used by photographers doing event photography at night clubs (I guess). But if you are like me, you will soon realize that true candid moments are very rare when you shoot with flash, since almost everyone reacts to the camera before the shot is made. Me, I´m still waiting for the next-next-next generation of cameras that can shoot in pitch black.

But street photography set aside, it´s a kick ass way to produce some nice party images  :)

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  1. That photo still puts a smile on my face, we def need to make sure Martin gets an Iphone ;-) thank you for a great trip, you truly are a great person!

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