Face it

Sthlm, 2012: Carl Bildt face the truth. In feathers, I believe.

I passed by some pretty confusing protest rally down town today. All tough the purpose wasn´t crystal clear (Libya? Sudan? Oil business?), it seemed to converge into the fact that Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt was the root of all evil. Wouldn´t that be great? – just get rid of him and all the problems would go away! :)

5 thoughts

  1. This photo seems an excellent summary of the situation, activism and absurdity captured in one scene. Nicely done.

    I am curious though, I know very little of this situation and would be interested to know how much your superior knowledge influenced your choice of scene to capture.

    • Thanks, Nikhil. Well, I found it interesting that the protesters targeted one specific politician so explicit in this demonstration. And for me, this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of personal attack on a Swedish official, feathers and all.

      Mr Bildt may be a bit controversial, having a long career in foreign politics, but also having a history in the african oil business. I you like conspiracies, it’s pretty easy to draw converging lines between Swedish politics in Africa and the oil business. And in this case, it seems most protesters actually think mr Bildt doesn’t represent Sweden, but his personal interest.

      Anyway – I’m looking forward to more creative action from the protesters. I a burning flag to much to ask for these days?

  2. Det som förvånar mig är att Bildt själv var på plats! Och på gott humör av vad det verkar…

    Nej men ärligt talat, ljuset är så levande och fokuserat på just bildtansiktet att det är svårt att frigöra sig från känslan att det faktiskt är han. Och så är det tvärtom – eller är olikheterna mellan politiska meningsmotståndare skenbara; är de kanske varandras spegelbilder?

    En riktigt bra bild, med andra ord. /Mattias

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