A ray of light

Sthlm, 2012: A ray of light

I haven´t been out on the streets for a while, and it became obvious today when I finally had some time to take a walk. I had bad reflexes, saw nothing of interest and had a craprate larger than ever. Finally, I gave up the hunt for The Mother of All Street Scenes and just went for the light. At least I got a orange plastic bag! :)

2 thoughts

  1. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, sometimes it’s just not there, and the more you try and force it, the more elusive it becomes. Facts. Going for the light is always a guaranteed way out though, and look, you caught that bag! Which I reckon is quite fantastic in the way that whole corner of the shot just lightens up, creating this wonderful contrast with the rest of the scene. Yep, all’s well that ends well…

  2. Not a bad result though, that is a pretty good photo. I know the feeling though, I restarted my daily photo project this year and it is incredible how difficult it is to go out on the street and get good results, after a year of not doing it.

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