Burned out wedding(dress)

Istanbul, 2012: Model prep – normal edit

While walking to the Blue Mosque I passed by some kind of a model shoot. Snapped a couple of frames, but had the exposure settings all wrong in my camera. Bingo – the high lights got burned out. It actually got so wrong not even the raw file can save it, so it is a bit of a bummer.

But since I still like the image in it self, I decided to give it a go in one of my image apps. After all – they are all about saving crappy quality images made by smartphones by making them even more crappier. So after five minutes in the app Snapseed on my iPad i came up with this one:

Istanbul, 2012: Model prep – Snapseed edit

I have already had some comments from the purists on the heavy processed style – not a surprise since we street shooters usually are a pretty conservative crowd – but I kind of like the Snapseed version.

What do you think?

(And yes – “Burned out wedding” is a joke. Know what I´m referring to?)

3 thoughts

  1. Really nice photos from Istanbul overall! When I opened up this post I very much loved the original picture. The depth, contrast and high level of details combined with the burnout creates a surrealistic feel, almost like IR photo. I would not call myself a purist but I think you lost some of those elements in the editing. The composition however stays terrific :)

    It’s nice to have more updates from you again!

  2. I would not have thought badly about the blown dress if you hadn’t mentioned it as an issue. I like the brooding background and the unexpected contrast of the pure white. There is a strong interpretative element (even if you didn’t intend it), particularly with the bride and the fixer so far away from other people.

    In other circumstances I might not have had a problem with the snapseed edit, but I think the original is very strong and the heavy texture added by snapseed mutes that. I’d go with the original shot if it was mine.

  3. Well – maybe I overreacted the importance of a burned out dress. As someone shooting a lot of manual exposure I get very sensitive when I fail. But you are right – the original is not so bad it have to be messed up to be interesting.

    And thank god I shoot raw. I think I have pulled down the exposure three full stops to get the overall exosure working. The Pentax K-5 sure have an impressive dynamic range.

    Thanks for watching! And I’m happy to be back shooting again. I have had some really heavy work related stuff hanging over me since last spring, and it pretty much killed my inspiration.


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