Bags, stripes and stupid phones

Sthlm, 2012: Phone from hell

I never heard what he was saying, but for a while I thought he was about to burst in to flames. Talking on the phone – then fiddling with it – continued to talk – show teeth – a long fiddle again… Maybe he´s more of an Android guy.

Astia/Soft: Enhances the range of hues available for skin tones in portraits while preserving the bright blues of daylight skies. Recommended for outdoor portrait photography.

The quotation above is the proof that I do read the manual every now and then. Since I haven´t started to work with the raw files yet – Aperture does not support it – I focus on learning the camera and just shoot jpeg. Figured I would try Fuji’s Astia film simulation even if “the bright blues of daylight skies” was nowhere to be found. Probably a lower ISO would make the Astia better justice (and maybe a lot more skin!), but I still like the results.

Sthlm, 2012: Bags & stripes

And the Fujinon 18mm is one sweet lens use. Pretty fast to focus both manual and on auto, and nicely balanced on the X-Pro 1. Even though it doesn´t match the manual focusing feeling of my Pentax 21mm Limited it does deliver. I´d say it´s a better lens with less feeling. But who cares about that – I´m a sucker for wide-angle street photography, so any lens below 24mm will do just fine. Zone focus, f8,  250 sec and you´re ready to change the history of photography. (Just kidding).

Anyway, let´s hope for some nice weather this weekend, so I can go bananas with autumn colors and blue skies and that lovely Astia.

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