Summer project is on!

Sthlm, 2013: Price grabber

Sthlm, 2013: Price grabber

Hi, folks!
Sorry for not updating for a while. It’s not that I haven’t shooting new stuff, but I actually decided to do a project this summer and keep the images to myself until I’m done. (Actually it’s me and my pal Ola that’s doing the project as a two-man show. The same subject but two minds and two very different photographers. It’s going to be great, as far as I’m concerned. :)
A couple of teasers from the last days shooting, and that’s it! This will probably go on for the entire summer, so I really hope I will have a nice set of photos by the end of august. Wish me luck.
Sthlm, 2013: Post man

Sthlm, 2013: Post man

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