APF+CUP Stockholm Photowalk

Sthlm, 2014: Verticals

Sthlm, 2014: Verticals

Contemporary Urban Photography Stockholm had some distant visitors in Stockholm this weekend from members of the ArtPhoto Feature Magazine Street Photography group and yesterday we did a photo walk through Stockholm. I personally don´t like shooting in groups so this was primarily a social event as far as I am concerned. Never the less, we met up, had a chat and a beer, then split up to shot on our own, later to meet up again. If you are interested in participate in Stockholm based stuff like this in the future, start following  CUP on Facebook.

Lovely bunch and a great opportunity to meet photographers from far away in person. IRL always win over virtual :)

Sthlm, 2014: Yellow plaster

Sthlm, 2014: Yellow plaster

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