One year ago: In Barcelona

Counting backwards 356 days brings me back to my trip to Barcelona. Man, did i love that city. That wonderful combination of people, architecture, food and climate made it to one of my top weekend trips ever. Well – I had a certain lady tripping with me, which pushed the positive experience even further (thanks, Maria).

Barcelona, 2009: My man

I am a guy that appreciates interesting architecture, but I rarely photographs it straight on. Like this on (above), shot outside the fantastic church of la Sagrada Famila. Gaudi is an old time favourite as well, so we tried to check out his work as we made our way through the city. I think my best experience was the Parc Güell – an large recreation area with actually is open to use as Gaudi intended. Fantastic mosaic and an organic open architecture wich emulates the nature surrounding it.

Barcelona, 2009: Parc Güell cyclops

Barcelona, 2009: Parc Güell terrace

Walking by foot is a great way of experience a city. It will take longer to get to the spots you want to see, but I think it gives me a much more true  picture of the people living there. It´s between the spots the interesting stuff takes place :)

Barcelona, 2009: Depot stop

Barcelona, 2009: Skating gone bad

Well, that’s it from september 11th 2009. It looks like the kids gave me the best images this day. The skater kid images is one of my favourites: I was looking in another direction when I turned around and had this scene in front of me. A good picture takes ages to find and passes by in a split second.

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3 thoughts

    • Yepp, he obviously wasn´t in the mood to chimp with me right there, but I think you´re right. I think it´s one of the pains of shooting strangers. They rarely gets the chance to see images of them selfes that could be quite unique. At leats I can show them to a few.

      Thanks for your comment, Mina! :)

  1. Gillar hennes naglar som likt rosa regndroppar lyser vid hennes fingerspetsar (första bilden). Sista bilden är också helskön. Hyfsad vimmelbild + arkitektur och även ensamma killens kikande mot skuggan är intressant och väcker min nyfikenhet. /Matti

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