Slideshow: Couples, pairs & dynamic duos

Couples, pairs & dynamic duos

Click on the image to watch the slideshow on Facebook

As some of you may remember, I did a slide show a couple of months ago at a local photographers meet in Stockholm (Mosebacke Fotografiska Sällskap, MFS). I have had trouble pushing it out on this blog earlier, but it seems to work just fine on my Facebook site. Click on the image above, or on this link, and check it out.

Oh – about the slide show. The theme is Couples, pairs & dynamic duos, so you can probably figure out what kind of shots to expect. With so many images, choosing a theme really made it much easier to put this together. And that´s a tip.

(But I had to remove the background music as it is copyrighted. Sorry for that – you´ll have to put on your own music :).

4 thoughts

    • Thank you very much, Nikhil. Probably not to many you haven´t seen already, but at least it´s nice to see them together. But it gets boring without music. Got to fix that.

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