Portfolio images revisited: Comfort


Every time I look at this image it calls back the same feeling I had when I shot it. I had been out shooting street all day long and had kept going all night, partying with some friends. The set for the shot is on top of a large nightclub boat, and the sun is starting to rise.

I was having an epic late night conversation with a woman when I noticed this guys right beside me. I was struck by the warmth they conveyed, at the same time intrigued by the contrast to their kind of tough appearance. I ripped out my camera from my bag, made the shot from where I stood and then put the camera away. (The shadow in the lower part is actually my own,  since the sun was very low at the time).

I realized that they didn´t want to talk right then, but I stayed for a while to make shure they didn´t object to being photographed. I felt it was the right thing to do, even though I knew I had a great image and was taking a risk if they would have asked me to delete it. I´m glad they didn´t, but also sorry that I didn´t had the chance to get their e-mail addresses. I think they would like this image.

Ok – back to work. On wednesday, I´m off to London to shoot some street. And checking out the London Street Photography Festival, of course …

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