Sthlm, 2011: Karaoke

Gah – my photography is at it´s all time low at the moment. Less inspiration than usual combined with a lot less time to go out when I do want to has been devastating to my production rate. I know that creative meltdown happens to everyone, but I still miss the rewarding feeling after a long walk.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the grand dad of street photography, Henri Cartier Bressons, birthday. This need to be celebrated by going out chasing the decisive moment.

Sthlm, 2011: Rewind and exit

3 thoughts

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Going through a similar spell of my own. I have to force myself not to let a week pass without taking a photo. These are pretty good though, you clearly haven’t lost skill to go along with motivation :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words, guys. I´m looking forward to getting that geist back in my photography, but it´s like Nikhil says: keep that fire burning. //Jimmy

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