6×6 Smart Phone Photo Challenge

Sthlm, 2010: Nite Club

We all know the camera is not important, so how about joining me in a little experiment this saturday? I´m hosting a theme challenge to see just how far you photogs can take it with your smart phones. Yep, you do need a smart phone, but that´s because you have to upload your image on my Facebook site continuously during the challenge.

Exiting times ahead! If you’re interested – head over to Sthlmstreet on Facebook and join in. :)

7 thoughts

  1. but only thing is 1800 GMT translates to 2330 Indian standard time.It’ll be creepy for me to run around on saturday, near midnight, clicking with a smartphone.. If you could put it earlier, when there is enough light, it’d be great… Here in the tropics, we don’t have as much sunlight as in Scandinavia :)

    • Bah – I think it´s to late so change the time this round, but I might do it the next time. We do have guys from the opposite side of the globe than India, so it could be tricky to sychronize us all, though :)

      What time in GMT would work for you, Georgie?

    • To bad you can’t join us, but if it turns out okay it will be more opportunities later on.

      Have a nice weekend, Fokko.

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