A tunnel vision

Sthlm, 2012: Tunnel vision

My friend Marcus and I decided to call in a couple of amateur models today to do some time for print portrait shooting. Street style of course. Besides the obvious fun in working with models I saw a chance to try out my new camera and the even newer 35 mm I got a couple of days ago. The weather was very dynamic, with rain, strong sunlight and everything in between. Because of this, most of the shooting had to be done in some tunnels nearby (but who´s complaining?).  Except maybe the models by the fact that I led the background lights through their heads ;)

The X-Pro1 continues to amaze me with its intuitive user interface and that 35 mm is pretty darn good. The shots shown here are both made with f-stop 2.0 – sweet!

Anyway – I just wanted to brag about the models and the lens. Now I need to get back to editing the rest of the images and deliver them to the models. I wouldn´t be surprised if you´ll see more portraits in a blog post later this week.

Sthlm, 2012: Vintage Tunnel vision

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