The X-Pro1 OVF proves it self

Sthlm, 2013: Play

Sthlm, 2013: Play

Once a year, in early march, the sun puts up a fantastic lightshow during sun set in one specific stockholm crossing. I discovered this last year and decided to go back sunday weekend when the sun showed up.

The plan was to try to evolve the paning shots I did in 2012, but instead I found myself shooting a jumping dog. You got to love the unpredictability of the streets!

And I’m really happy for the X-Pro1 OVF. The strong light makes it more or less impossible to shoot into the sun with the EVF. That was my main argument for chosing the X-Pro1 over the X-E1, and I have been proven right more than one time.

Sthlm, 2012. Biker at sunset

Sthlm, 2012. Biker at sunset

5 thoughts

  1. interessting with what you can do with the X-pro1, i think i’m gonna get one soon. I still though prefer analog film for the time been! wha’ts your opinion? Alex

    • Hm, I think it depends on what kind of photography you are going to do and what gear you are using right now. In my opinion, the X-pro1 system is not for everyone. Let me know your plans and I’ll get back to you!


  2. well Jimmy i*m supposed to do street photography and i’m sure that the x-pro1 suits me very well but i also think that you still can not compare pixels with korn ( in swedish ).Maybe i’m wrong!! In terms of my gear i’m using a nikon D5100 with 35mm, and i have analog too. As you see i’m very simple but i dont complain. Best wishes and good luck with your interestings pictures. Alex

    • Aha, in that case I don’t think you will have any problem taking on the X-Pro1 as your camera. It might be a problem if you are used to (and depending on) the bells and whistles of high end DSLR, but if you’re used to older cameras the Fuji will be perfect.

      The only thing that enoys me is the drive by wire sollution that makes it quite tricky to do zone focusing without checking the display or viewfinder. You can solve that by using manual lenses with an adapter, of course.

      Regarding digital pixels vs film grain I don’t think they should be put against each other, since it is two different photographical mediums with different outcome. I usually add some grain (Tri X 400) to my photos to make them less clean, but I am not interested in making them look like film photos. Polaroid, on the other hand… ;)

      Good luck and happy hunting!

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