Urban numerology

Barcelona, 2009: "30"

I realized some time ago I need to have some project to work on. If nothing else, it will help me pick out images with a clear theme for coming exhibitions. So … glaring through the batches I realized I, among other things, have been adding numbers in my street photographs. Maybe it´s a bad idea that won´t hold, but I kind of like it.

What´s your opinion – will it float?

Sthlm, 2009: "103"

Sthlm, 2009: "20"


9 thoughts

  1. Jimmy det låter som en bra idé! Spännade att se hur mycket siffror o nummer du fått in/med i dina bilder? Gäller det bara nummer i siffror el tänker du ta med nummer som är skrivet i bokstäver?

    Kram Tina

    • Tack, Tina!
      I första hand tänker jag mig att bara använda siffror. Jag tycker de är mer typografiskt intressanta – de är snyggare än bokstäver helt enkelt :)

  2. Hey Jimmy–

    Having a strong theme is always a great way to showcase your style. As for this, I think the numbers work quite well (I haven’t done something like this before)

  3. Well, as long as you stick to your lucky numbers :-) Just remember, “numbers add up to nothing”. Seriously, it´s a brilliant idea for a theme. Why didn´t I come up with that one?
    So, there´s an exhibition coming on?

    • Well, we´ll see if I can collect enough number for a whole exhibition, Matti. As I responded to Tina (in swedish) I really like the typographical aspect of numbers, but it´s quite a challenge to make interesting images containing number when my shooting is mostly focused on moments. I think I´ll have to force my luck quite a bit to make this one work. It could take a while ;)

      I´ll let you know when the exhibition is coming up. I think I´ll rather wait than force it since the concept won´t work if being handled sloppy.

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