A mixed bag of junk

If you have been around sthlmstreet.com before, you might already have noticed my annual retrospectives. This year will be no different, which means I´m at it right now. Well, actually I haven´t started yet, but there´s plenty of time until the new years bells start ringing. I will post the 2012 retrospective sometime tomorrow, but until then you might like looking at some shots from this year that never made it to the blog. Actually, I found most of them today while preparing for the retrospective.

(Yes, this is how I treat my visitors – with leftovers from 2012).

Hope you like it!

2 thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing. There are some gems there that really catch my eye, like the man with the cigarette: is it a portrait, candid? Or Saturday Night, is it Halloween day?

    I’m really enjoying your work.

    • The guy with the cigarette is a portrait. It was quite a challenge to nail that with the short depth of field I wanted to use, but that’s no excuse to give up :) I spotted the superhumans while waiting for the metro one night. My guess is that there was a late night run in the city that night and that the two were dressed up for that occation.

      Thanks for watching! I’m a regular on your blog as well. :)

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